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Point-of-Care Charting Made Simple, Intuitive and Fast

Point-of-care documentation designed to follow the natural flow of patient visits for all disciplines—from nurses and physicians to social and spiritual caregivers. Intuitive, easy-to-learn programs encourage clinicians to adopt new habits naturally while focusing on patient care.

  • Eliminate all double entry
  • Natural, intuitive workflows and navigation
  • Built-in compliance checks and alerts
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Efficiency in hospice begins with accurate, complete and timely patient documentation, and point-of-care charting only happens when nurses feel comfortable, confident and competent with their EMR. Enter Hospicesoft.

HospiceSoft's point-of-care charting is fast, easy and seamless with zero navigation required; document assessments, issues, goals and interventions all within a single form. Clinicians can use whatever device they feel most comfortable with:

  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smart phones
  • Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Customizable questions and template forms are pre-built with hospice-specific language to guide documentation processes, leading to increased compliance and adherence to your specific needs and requirements.

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Built-In Compliance Tools Safeguard Your Staff and Agency

Numerous tools, alerts and compliance safeguards within the software support ongoing adherence to Medicare Conditions of Participation (COP) and regulation requirements. Hospices create customized process lists for every critical workflow including admissions, visits, assessments, and re-certifications.

This not only ensures that staff follow compliance guidelines, but also enforces “completion before submission."

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  • Plan of Care Recommendations (HospiceSoft's exclusive Intuitive Intelligence© recognizes key words, such as "fall" or "fell", to provide prompts for possible additional care planning and documentation)
  • Integrated Medicare eligibility checks (with certification period verification at admission)
  • Mandatory tasks for visit notes
  • HIS questions integrated in admissions assessment
  • Primary diagnosis compliance
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At-a-Glance Dashboards

Keep Pivotal Reports, Stats and Alerts in Front of Management’s Eyes

State-of-the-art dashboards provide up-to-date status on critical tasks that effect key objectives and bottom line goals. Management team members view key performance statistics at login, assess progress and click to drill down into areas of concern.

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Literal red alerts appear when compliance issues, deadlines or other important tasks are at risk. Send and receive HIPAA compliant texts or emails when escalation is required.

  • NOE deadlines
  • Certifications, re-certifications and face-to-face assessments
  • LOS Length of Stay Objectives
  • CAP Status
  • Billing and claim status
  • Accounts receivable updates, month-end reports
  • Missing/incomplete information (birth dates, MRN, insurance data, etc.) 

All available on mobile devices as well as office computers and laptops; Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere.

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Billing Safeguards & Audits

Robust, hospice-specific auditing tools streamline billing to safeguard cash flow. Pre-screen patient data per billing batch to identify missing pieces and incongruent information. Safeguard your payments and overcome Medicare denials prior to submitting claims.

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Hospicesoft will alert and prevent claim submissions with deficient information including...

  • Missing Physician’s NPI
  • HCPCS code doesn’t match level of care
  • Lapses in certification
  • Visit counts
  • Mis-matching dates
  • Any and all out-of-compliance data

Automatic Population makes billing as simple as “click, review, and submit." Required claim data automatically populates from patient records. 

  • Line-item visits
  • Occurrence codes
  • Total and uncovered charges 
  • Medications

Multi-stage auditing ensures confidence. Your claims will be paid expected - without RTPs or ADRs.

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Streamlined IDG Prep and Meetings 

Auto-Populate Plan of Care and Assessments from Clinician Documentation and e-Signing

HospiceSoft’s Industry-leading Dynamic Plan of Care pushes pertinent information forward to eliminate double entry, human error and abolish conflicting information.

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From initial patient in-put and assessment to billing claims and bereavement, HospiceSoft’s “smart” documents reflect up-to-date clinician and administrative notes. Now IDG prep happens in 3 clicks or less and meetings flow seamlessly with patient specific assessments and comprehensive care plans

Team members can easily view, review and discuss each patient, verify medications and e-sign for their discipline in a single, efficient, real-time setting.

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The Most Robust EMR Designed and Built Specifically for Hospice  From Admissions to CAHPS

HospiceSoft is built on foundational premises that drive effciency and streamline every facet of operating a hospice:

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  1. Make clinical documentation simple, intuitive and fast with zero or minimal navigation required
  2. Seamlessly and automatically link patient demographics, charts and data to back office modules and maximize functionality
  3. Provide built-in compliance safeguards to protect staff and angencies at all points
  4. Robust and actionable management reports

HospiceSoft’s Dynamic Plan of Care functions as the hub for all medical disciplines, back office functions and management reporting; continuously appending pertinent patient care, census and back office updates including

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Plan of care
  • Physician orders
  • HIS data
  • Billing modules, NOE, Eligibility Checks
  • Reports: CAP, LOS, Census, Marketing HR & More

This comprehensive hub approach allows hospices to operate at the highest possible efficiency and therefore maximize every resource. All captured data populates myriad reports; all available in 3 clicks or less and consistent with CMS surveys and audits.

From admissions to CAHPS, Hospicesoft empowers hospices to become more efficient, streamlined and successful.

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"Hospice Billing is now simple;  just click, review and submit. Boom!"

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Maura Green video image

Maura Green

“I remember asking my administrator, ‘is it really this simple?’ For me the biggest benefit is that Hospicesoft checks for compliance continuously. It gives me a whole, wide range of reports.”

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Bobby Tolar

"Charting, plan of care and compliance were 3 things we were really looking to streamline. Hospicesoft gave us all of that and more. HospiceSoft is patient driven. We can capture and chart real-time data at the point of care"

Andrew video image

Andrew Namanny

“I was able to learn the program within a day…staff picks it up right away and are able to begin creating care plans and using the software without any issue whatsoever. Anything that comes up regarding frequencies, late care plans or a nurse missed something… alerts pop up on the dashboard and can be taken care of right away.”


What challenges is your hospice facing? HospiceSoft can make a difference.

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